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Assistant Principal: Shaykele Holsey

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Field Trip Procedures

  • Board Policy on Field Trips

    The Putnam County Board of Education supports the use of instructional field trips to enhance the educational objectives of the school.  A field trip is defined as planned curricular or extracurricular experiences for students directly related to and correlated with a specific unit of study or specialized function of the school.  All competitions shall be considered as field trips.  Field trips are recognized as a viable means of providing educational opportunities that would not otherwise be available. The superintendent shall develop procedures regarding requests and approval of all field trips.

  • Field Trip Guidelines
    1. When collecting fees from students, always provide a receipt and turn in collections daily.
    2. All students must have a field trip permission slip from a parent before going on field trip.
    3. Provide parents with an outline of the proposed itinerary and list any costs or special needs for the trip, i.e. lunch money, coat, hat, etc.  Be sure to specify the dress code for the event.
    4. Attach any relevant documentation regarding the trip, like Museum Etiquette Guides or lesson plans.
    5. For after-hours events be specific about where and when to meet and be picked up.  Include your contact information for parent questions.
    6. Get specific directions to the event site, including information regarding where and how to park the buses, as well as the parking fees.  For new trips, or venues your driver may be unfamiliar with, print maps with road names and exit numbers when possible.
    7. Consider the physical needs of your students, including potential bathroom and/or food stops.  If your trip will require a stop, contact the management of the restaurant, mall or other facility you plan to patronize.  You do not want to arrive just after staff has been reduced or supplies are low.  Consider using restaurants that give discounts to bus drivers.  *Recommendation – When possible pay for your driver(s) meal(s).
    8. When using more than 1 bus print bus sign-up sheets.  List the lead chaperone for each bus.
    9. Submit any relevant purchase orders and/or check requests to the bookkeeper for processing.  Do not put this off!
    10. Submit an announcement request to have a reminder announcement made the day before the event.
    11. Check with the principal and secretary, if relevant, about any special instructions regarding the day of your event.
    12. At the designated time, load the buses and have the lead chaperone on each bus check the roll for that bus (Do not allow students to do this!)  Report any no-shows to the Secretary before leaving campus.
    13. When any student gets off the bus, always take roll again before you leave. 
    14. While on the road supervise your students.  Your driver is not the chaperone.  Sit at the front so you can hear your driver’s questions, and respond to his/her instructions, i.e. getting the students to be quiet at rail crossings, etc.
    15. Collect and keep all relevant receipts and records per the bookkeeper’s instructions.
    16. For after-hours trips:  Do not leave until all students are picked up.
  • Field Trip Request Procedures
    • Responsible:  Principal, Teacher making the request, Transportation Director (if transportation is required), Superintendent
    • Procedure:   Request for field trips
    • Reason for Procedure:  To help ensure the safety of all students, staff and volunteers, and to help reduce the district’s liabilities by effectively eliminating and/or reducing loss exposures and risks. 
    • Time Frame:  Minimum of 15 days prior to field trip
    • Procedure Established:
      • 1.      15 days prior to field trips, teachers must complete and submit to principal the Putnam County School Bus Request Form (forms located below). 
      • 2.      If bus transportation is not being requested, then the request for Field Trip Approval (attachment A) should be completed.
      • 3.      Once field trip is approved the principal and superintendent the Bus Request Form (yellow copy) should be sent to transportation within a minimum of 10 days.
      • 4.      Principal or designee provides the teacher with guidelines for field trip (attachment C).
      • 5.      Complete field trip roster (attachment E) to be attached to transportation request, copy for chaperone and a copy left at the school.
      • 6.      Minimum of 7 days prior to field trip, distribute “Field Trip Forms” (attachment D) to all students.  Require them to be returned with Parent/Guardian signatures as well as initials of any other teachers who might be impacted by students being absent from school.
      • 7.      Notify school nutrition manager if sack lunches will be required 2 weeks prior to date of field trip/event.  Even if a sack lunch is not going to be required notify school nutrition manager to let the lunch program know that there will be fewer students attending lunch on the day of the field trip.

Required Field Trip Forms